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Nail Clipping

Full Service Pet Groom Letting your dog’s nails grow out may not seem like a problem, but it actually could be. Long nails can lead to skeletal problems, pain, or bleeding in some cases. When the nails grow too long, just like human nails, they can bend or curl underneath their paw which can make it difficult to walk. By this time, nail clipping can be more painful for your pup. With Shear Heaven Pet Spa, you can assure that your pet is getting the best care in the Arlington, TX area while you can relax about their health.

Our dog grooming service is fully certified and have been working professionally for countless years. The dog grooming we provide is the top of it’s class in the region, giving your pets the ultimate pampering while keeping them healthy. Whether it be a fresh, new haircut or dog nail clipping, we’ll be sure that our pet groomer is friendly and inviting to your pets.

For more information on all of our dog haircuts and other pet grooming services, contact Shear Heaven Pet Spa in Arlington, TX today!